Employee Showcase: Lianna Moyse

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Employee Showcase: Lianna Moyse is a Laboratory Data Clerk here at GEL

Here's what she had to say...

Why did you choose to work for GEL?

I have always had an interest in science and geology. A few years ago I decided to follow this interest and I started a Geology degree with the OU. I applied to work for GEL with the hopes of obtaining a job that would be in a field of interest for my future career goals.

What is your current role?

I am responsible for entering all the test data into our key labs software. I am also responsible for communicating any non-compliance tests with the engineers and the laboratory. I also, when required, undertake some lab testing.

What other roles have you had here?

I started as a Laboratory technician, after 1 year I was promoted to coordinating laboratory technician. I was responsible for making sure all the tests passed smoothly between all four labs into the office.

What do you love about GEL?

Every day I am always learning something new, I find the work we do fascinating and coming to work and constantly learning is something that I love. It is the perfect working environment for me to be in that can also help towards my degree.

I love it when I find fossils in samples sent to the lab, I have found some beautiful Belemnites and Ammonites and the bonus is I get to take them home and add them to my ever growing rock and fossil collection.

What’s the least enjoyable part of your role?

The laboratory work can be physically demanding at times but I always see it as a free gym workout! Early mornings also can be a struggle but it just takes some adjusting, the plus side of early mornings is that we finish relatively early in the afternoon, so my evenings are then free to study.

What opportunities are you looking forward to at GEL?

When I pass my degree, I really want to move to the engineering department.

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