Using KeyLAB2 Software

by Elizabeth Withington 10/08/2015 filed under Laboratory Services


Towards the end of 2014 the Geotechnical laboratory at Geotechnical Engineering Limited (GEL) recognised the need to improve our service to Clients.  Various laboratory data management systems were investigated and Keynetix Ltd were approached to explore the logistics of using their KeyLAB2 Software.  Geotechnical Engineering starting to use KeyLAB2 in June 2015. 


KeyLAB2 has been designed to be provide a complete testing laboratory management system, incorporating sample storage details, schedules and scheduling, data processing and reporting of results through to invoicing, equipment calibration and sample disposal. All in one place. It also houses its own AGS data mapper, quickly creating data which can be used to exchange/send geotechnical information between clients, contractors, laboratories and their various software packages.


Roger Chandler, Managing Director from Keynetix Ltd and Wendy Jones Technical Support Manager from GEL worked together to integrate the existing GEL testing, technicians spreadsheets and GEL reporting templates, linking them to the KeyLAB2 parameters and mappers. 


Technicians and laboratory management staff were trained by Wendy to handle the AGS data import and export of KeyLAB2. They were also trained on the basics of using all the KeyLAB2 functions and applications in seminars and presentations designed to introduce them to the software.  The seminar used both examples and existing projects to take the staff through the completion of a project step by step using KeyLAB2. The objective was to ensure staff could competently manage a project and produce accurate reports after the very first training session. Future sessions are planned to build on the basics, developing the equipment and administration functions thereby enabling individuals to become powerusers and administrators.


Wendy Jones from GEL commented “KeyLAB2 is a powerful tool which will enable GEL to greatly increase efficiency and quality across the board in an already excellent laboratory. The benefits of using KeyLAB2 will allow us to provide an even greater level of service for our Clients”.


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