Geotechnical Engineerings Short Masted Pioneer Rig

by Elizabeth Withington 22/05/2015 filed under Innovation


Geotechnical Engineering’s Short Masted Pioneer rig has recently returned back to the depot in Gloucester after working for a number of weeks in a basement in central Birmingham. 


The drilling operations comprised 150m of rotary coring into the Bromsgrove Sandstone Formation of the Triassic Period.  The Bromsgrove Sandstone is a weak sandstone where the individual quartz sand grains are “locked” in place by confining pressures rather than cemented by post-depositional events.  To produce quality cores and therefore quality ground investigation data, the sandstone needs to cored using experienced operatives and using an approved drilling additive.


The Short Mast Pioneer has a maximum working height of 2.56m, and can access sites with a headroom down to 2.10m and an access width of 0.750m. In confined spaces the rig operates using an active ventilation system, removing exhaust gases away from the working areas into a safe place.


Geotechnical Engineering Ltd are currently carrying out R & D to add the capability of carrying out standard penetration testing in a similar restricted headroom.  

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