Good News Spring 2015

by Elizabeth Withington 07/05/2015 filed under General News


Geotechnical Engineering has been enjoying the warmer weather and we are busy throughout the UK.  Here’s some of the praise gathered from satisfied clients over the past few weeks.

“Again I’ve been very impressed with all aspects from GEL on this project: the GPR service, vac ex team and drillers.  The vac ex crew dealt with the site conditions responsibly and the drilling team were motivated and very professional in reacting to the site restrictions.  I received constant good core recovery and the drillers maintained a constant clean and tidy work area during the works.  The project completed all my objectives within the time scale agreed with my client.” 

“I just wanted to thank Geotechnical for your sterling work at our Banwell site last week. Ashley and the team performed really well and were a pleasure to work with.” 

“Thanks for the input from your site team this week - they have met the challenge presented and approached it in a professional and helpful manner. We have more work 'in the pipeline'.”

 “Just a quick email to say that during the works mentioned above we were very impressed with the attitude that the guys had towards health and safety.

It was noted that the quality of discussion and engagement of the crews was excellent. Crews were willing to aid discussions with their own health and safety experiences. It was clear that everyone present was engaging and listening. The Crews were also forthcoming with personal safety commitments to aid towards site safety.
If you could please pass this onto the guys themselves I would appreciate it.”



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