Drilling Records Being Broken

by Chris Jones 10/08/2016 filed under Drilling


Congratulations are in order for the Geotechnical Engineering drill crews on site in Buckinghamshire at the moment for their impressive production of quality cores.


Using the Geobor S wireline technique in chalk, the project has seen several shifts of 30m+ and at least three of well over 40m in holes up to 80m deep.  Driller Brett Reeves yesterday drilled 47.6m.  That beats the previous coring record in a day by 30cm!


Our drilling department has been able to deliver this through its vast experience and detailed knowledge of the best drilling solutions for UK geology.


Our safety culture and sample quality are our number one priority closely followed by our productivity, efficiency and professionalism in our drilling operations. This is key to reducing site time, supervision requirements, welfare and overall impact of the project.

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