Our Carbon Footprint

by Elizabeth Withington 08/08/2016 filed under General News


The UK’s Climate Change Act 2008 sets the framework for how the UK will manage and respond to the threat of climate change.  Under the Act, the UK must reduce total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by at least 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.  The Act introduced legally binding carbon budgets and in order to meet these budgets, we will all have to collectively reduce our total emissions. 


Geotechnical Engineering is committed to take responsibility for our GHG emissions and we do this through the implementation of our Quality, Environmental and H&S Management System (QEHSMS).  To help achieve and maintain these standards we have established a QEHSMS plan where we aim to avoid and reduce pollution, achieve compliance through training our staff, limit our environmental impact by reducing our waste materials, preventing reoccurrence of any incidents and to record, monitor and publish as appropriate statistics related to Quality, Environmental and H&S improvements.


The UK government recognised that for organisations to take action to reduce their emissions they must have the appropriate tools and guidance and that measuring GHG emissions is the first step to effectively managing them.  To review the environmental impact of our activities and how we measure our GHG emissions we recently engaged Sustainable Direction to review our carbon footprint in accordance with the government guidance.  This included our energy usage within our headquarters at Gloucester, as well as our carbon footprint value for fuel used in the activities of our vehicles and plant, a major contribution to our overall footprint.  


We are delighted that the survey showed that we have reduced our per-employee carbon footprint for our gas and electricity consumption over the past six years.  They also confirmed that our investment in a modern vehicle and drilling fleet, using Lightfoot and planning ahead to reduce journeys was helping reduce our carbon footprint.


Neil Parry, Technical Director at GEL commented:  The work that Sustainable Direction carried out for us was exactly what we required.  The report they provided will enable us to continue our drive towards becoming a more efficient and sustainable business.  We were particularly pleased to collaborate with a company that shares our innovative and responsible attitude to business.


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