Looking to the Future

by Elizabeth Withington 29/06/2016 filed under Careers


This week GEL welcomed Geology A level students from Wynstones School here in Gloucester.  As part of the A Level Syllabus the students need to study Engineering Geology.  Practically we couldn’t take the students out to lots of sites and so we used good old PowerPoint to introduce them to many of the sites that GEL has worked on across the UK.  These included many rail and road projects where some have been damaged by land movements, or new cuttings and embankments are required; dams and reservoir projects where ground movement, leakage or suspected loss of integrity is suspected; and projects in coastal areas where significant ground loss has occurred.


Following a tour of our premises where the students were shown our Terrier, Pioneer and P60 rigs, the students started work in our laboratory.  Technicians Susan Radford and Tom Best guided the students in the preparation of samples for liquid and plastic limits, liquid limit testing and the rolling of the clay during the plastic limit test.  The students were also shown compaction testing, particle size distribution tests and our high end testing room where we discussed oedometers and effective stress.


Back in the classroom the students discussed the effects of shrinkage and swelling of clays and carried out an exercise to determine the depth of foundations required using the results of liquid and plastic testing and the NHBC guidelines.


Here at GEL we were delighted to be able to demonstrate to the students the many aspects to being an engineering geologists, whilst the students expressed their thanks to all of the staff that had helped them have a great morning. 


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