We have had a few changes at Geotechnical Engineering

by Emma Lowe 15/06/2016 filed under General News



At Geotechnical Engineering we are always looking for new ways to improve our service to you, our Clients.  As our staff are our greatest assets we try to match their skill sets to provide an exceptional service and so we have been developing our management team with a number of staff with new roles.


The Drilling Department is now headed by Stephen Farrer Looking after Human Resources of 60 plus drillers, alongside Mark Panther looking after Physical Resources in the form of our rigs, transport and stores.  Stephen has moved across from the Engineering team where he was team leader whereas Mark will be familiar to you from his time as the Laboratory Department Manager.


These moves created vacancies in the engineering and laboratory teams which have been competently filled by David Owen and Claire Andrew.  David was previously a Contract Manager in the Contracts Team, and Claire was Laboratory Supervisor. 


Mike Wrigley has now moved over to our contracts team where he will be using his exceptional skills learnt from many years as a Lead Driller and Department Manager to lead with business development in the environmental sector.


Congratulations to everyone on their new roles.  If you would like to contact any one of them, please call 01452 52443 where our friendly reception team will be able to put you in touch.

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