Confidence 24/7

by Elizabeth Withington 23/05/2016 filed under Innovation


In May, site staff at Geotechnical Engineering are being issued with new identity cards which will allow their site certification to be viewed at any time, on any site, without the need for paper copies or the exchange of emails.  Each member of staff has been issued with a card that clearly identifies them by name, staff photo and their job title.  On the card is also a quick response (QR) code which is a machine readable label which can be read by mobile phones or mobile devices.  By scanning the code, the reader can quickly access all of the staff’s training certificates which are held in the Cloud, ensuring that they are trained, competent and up to date for the required task.


This innovative approach is one of the many suggestions from staff that our research and development manager Chris Jones receives that enables Geotechnical Engineering to continually adapt and develop our systems and ultimately our service to Clients.  You can now have confidence that we have the correct certification for the project 24/7.

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