Geotechnical Engineering's New Lightweight Terrier Rig

by Elizabeth Withington 10/05/2016 filed under Drilling


As a leading supplier of ground investigation data to the rail industry Geotechnical Engineering are always looking to improve our service both in terms of health and safety, quality and efficiency.  The majority of this rail work is carried out during track possessions using rail compliant equipment, and that equipment is transported on rail trolleys. 


In early 2016 we recognised the need to have standard dynamic sampling equipment that can be placed on rail trolleys with a safe working load (SWL) of 1 tonne.  Therefore, in April 2016 we took delivery of a new lightweight Terrier rig from Dando Drilling International.


This compact and manoeuvrable crawler mounted Terrier Rig is capable of dynamic sampling, dynamic probing and standard penetration test (SPT) testing, along with U70 sampling.  The difference to a standard Terrier Rig is that it is constructed from lightweight materials.


Additionally, as well as its capacity to be transported on rail trolleys the rig also has the advantage of a low ground pressure ideally suited to working in environmentally sensitive areas. 

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