Innovative Water Storage for our Pioneer Rigs

by Chris Jones 22/02/2016 filed under Innovation


We never accept that something can't be improved. We don't advocate re-inventing the wheel, but at times, we know that there has to be a better way of doing something.


We make use of all the information that we can lay our hands on, feedback from clients, discussions with other contractors, suggestions from our staff and the deliberations of the research community.


Ultimately, we're looking for innovations that will give clients even better value for money, as well as improved safety, less disruption and a speedier service, without ever compromising the quality of information we provide.


We have been trialling the use of a new water tank system that will satisfy many of our innovation criteria.  This portable, self-assembly system will hold approximately 3000 litres of water next to our dual purpose Pioneer rigs.  The system is light and readily portable, reduces the number of vehicles movements required to fill our 1000 litre bowsers and so improving safety, and provides a more reliant water supply increasing productivity.


For more information on our other industry related innovations visit our innovation webpages.


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