UKAS Accreditation 2016

by Mark Panther 09/02/2016 filed under Laboratory Services


Geotechnical Engineering are delighted that our geotechnical testing laboratory has once again passed its UKAS accreditation. We have had continuous accreditation since our first audit in 2005.


Our in-house laboratory offers an extensive range of geotechnical testing of both soils and rocks to service our internal testing requirements and our external “laboratory testing only” clients.


We can provide soil classification testing through to effective stress and ring shear testing in accordance with BS1377 and BS EN ISO 17892. We also offer a range of tests on rock, following ISRM Standards. Our quality system is certified to ISO 17025.


We value this accreditation, not only because it provides our clients with reassurance that the data we produce can be used in confidence to reduce their risk, but because it is a formal recognition that we are competent to perform specific processes, activities and tasks in a reliable, credible and accurate manner.  The accreditation also underpins the quality of our results by ensuring their traceability, comparability and validity. 


UKAS accreditation also ensures that our clients can have confidence in the quality and safety of our data, and in the provision of our services throughout the supply chain. UKAS accreditation demonstrates that all aspects of this process can be evaluated, ensuring public safety and providing assurance that engineering projects are carried out safely.


A full schedule of our accreditation can be viewed at www.ukas.orgPlease contact us for more information on how our experience and capability can help you.






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