Lightfoot Fleet Management and Driver Behaviour System.

by Kevin Puckett 03/09/2015 filed under Equipment



Over the next couple of weeks, all of Geotechnical Engineering Company’s commercial vehicles that are at or below 3.5 tons gross vehicle weight will be fitted with the “Lightfoot” Fleet Management and Driver Behaviour System.


The Lightfoot system is designed to assist the driver to drive more safely, reduce accidents, to help reduce impact on the environment and to help the Company save fuel. The system works by providing the driver with audible and visual guidance to help them drive more safely and efficiently. Good driving includes gentle acceleration, braking and changing gears efficiently.  Lightfoot also records the driving performance in real time and feeds back the drivers weekly performance to their line manager.


By fitting the system into the dashboard of the vehicle, a real‐time and long term traffic light display is provided to assist the driver to drive to more safely and efficiently.


If the driver keeps within the green real time indicator, they will be driving as efficiently as possible. If the real time indicator switches to amber or red, the driving performance could be better and they will be given an audible warning:


The first AMBER warning encourages the driver to improve their driving style and if they don’t they’ll get a 2nd audible warning.


However, if the driver does not improve their driving style after 2 warnings, they will receive a RED penalty.  These penalties will be shown on the weekly report.


  • How can a driver increase their time in GREEN‐ By driving in a normal, efficient, safe style which includes gentle acceleration and prompt gear changes.
  • How can a driver reduce their time in AMBER and RED‐ By being less aggressive on the accelerator, following in‐cab guidance when to change up into the next gear and paying attention to audio warnings to help improve driving style.


What do the violations mean? ‐ Prolonged time spent in the red which will lead to violations being reported back to line managers and dealt with appropriately.


Geotechnical Engineering are committed to promoting Health and Safety across the Company, with a culture for continuously engaging with innovation to improve these standards.  The Lightfoot System demonstrates our commitment to improving road safety for both our own staff and all members of the public.

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