Keynetix Geotechnical Management Awards

by Elizabeth Withington 27/11/2015 filed under Laboratory Services


Geotechnical Engineering were delighted on winning one of this year’s Keynetix Geotechnical Management Awards. Dr Roger Chandler, MD at Keynetix commented that it was fantastic to be able to recognise GELs focus on geotechnical data management and to be able to show the industry what can be achieved if all those small steps come together in a focused direction.


IT and Technical Support Manager Wendy Jones put together the submission, explaining that GEL lab staff have historically manually inputted external client sample and schedule data into databases and used different software packages for calculating, processing and reporting results.  Taking into account that the technician had to 1: input sample data, 2: populate and calculate results and 3: input into the gINT database, data was being double or even tripled handled contract by contract!


GEL looked for a better way to do this and has implemented a program of improvement by introducing KeyLogbook and KeyLAB software as a basis for pushing data management to the forefront of the Company’s development plans.  The GEL laboratory can now import sample AGS data created using KeyLogbook or sent by clients directly into KeyLAB and without any correspondence files linking the two different software packages. Retyping sample and contract details is no longer necessary. With the scheduling tool, both time taken to and errors are greatly reduced before testing.


KeyLAB’s working platform is Excel. GEL has integrated its’ own excel technician sheets into the software (instead of just using those examples which come with the program) along with equipment calibration details. Here lies the biggest advantage. Technicianss are able to batch print their worksheets direct from KeyLAB without having to fill out contract and sample data. Good! But GREAT is the fact that those same technician sheets used for testing are used for calculating and processing. Once they complete testing and even throughout testing, when technicians populate the master sheet in KeyLAB, calculations (built in and integrating calibration information such as load ring factors) and processing are also done in one step, not two or three. No retyping results into the gINT database. As GEL have used pre-existing technician sheets, no additional training is required, staff already know how to use Excel, calculate AND now process for reporting. The reports (also created by GEL with ease in Excel and matching those created by gINT) can now be printed and AGS created directly to issue in a much faster time, no matter the size. Data can now also be merged with that of the Engineers (Created in gINT or otherwise) using the AGS data.


Despite only using the new system for small to medium contracts so far, time taken to process laboratory schedules is already greatly reduced. Turnaround times for individual schedules are reduced due to elimination of double and triple handling.


Lead in times to commencement of testing once a schedule is received is reduced by about 50% and will only increase as the size and complexity of testing on contracts increase. We estimate time taken to process results have reduced by 30-50%, saving us at least a day for small contracts and up to three for larger jobs with more advanced testing. 1-3 days off a ten day turnaround means we can complete testing faster. 


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