Good News Autumn 2015

by Elizabeth Withington 10/09/2015 filed under General News


Stopford Road GI

It has been great to work with yourself & the guys from Geotechnical Engineering Ltd.

Best regards,



Can I reiterate my thanks to the guys on site. The job was well run by Dan John & Kristian Evans, the drillers Danny and Steve in particular worked really hard in pretty brutal heat, but all your guys were a pleasure to work with.



Thank you for your help and assistance throughout the project; I’m sure that we will work together again in the near future!

Kind Regards,



Thank you and the drilling crew, Andy and his mate, for the work at Highlands Farm. Very much appreciated indeed. Regards,


Boldrewood Campus

I wanted to pass on how impressed I was with Lee and Matt who undertook the window sample boreholes at Boldrewood Campus, Southampton last week.  They were professional and hard-working throughout the week making my life much easier on-site.  When most would have given up drilling through dense gravels they continued to get all the information required.

I find people are all too quick to criticise in our industry and not enough praise is given where deserved so please pass on my thanks to them.

Kind regards,



Perhaps you could pass on to Leon, we had full recovery from the borehole and I understand that he kept in contact with my colleagues etc whilst I was away so we’re really pleased, it allows us to make an informed decision when we weren’t previously able to due to the lack of info we had from the previous boreholes (drilled by a different company).

Kind regards,


Cannon Lane

On another note, I would like to express my thanks to both you and your on site engineers for your assistance to date.  It is very much appreciated.

Kind regards



Forgot to mention that our consultant (Rachel Barratt) had a good lot to say in praise of the guys who worked at the Harrow sites (she was there in the second week of the works).  The work ethic and help of your guys on site were exemplary.

I forgot to ask the first consultant in the week prior to this but assume they were equally as good!

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