The Safer Lorry Scheme

by Kevin Puckett 03/09/2015 filed under Road


The Safer Lorry Scheme, enforced as of 1st September, was put in place in attempt to reduce fatal accidents from occurring between HGVs and other road users – particularly cyclists.


Under the new scheme HGVs weighing more than 3.5 tonnes will have to be fitted with additional safety equipment. This includes sideguards to protect cyclists from being dragged under the wheels and Class V and Class VI mirrors which will give the driver a better view of other road users around them.


With the scheme operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week being reinforced by police, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and the joint TfL and Industrial HGV Taskforce (IHTF) there stands a maximum £1000 fine for anybody found not to be fulfilling the guidelines.


Among our fleet of commercial vehicles all 48, which would be effected by this change in legislation, comply. This is either due to the nature of the vehicle not requiring additional modifications or due to the existing features which are already fully compliant.


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