RAIL 2015

by Elizabeth Withington 03/09/2015 filed under Rail


Geotechnical Engineering Limited are delighted to once again be exhibiting at the largest outdoor Rail Show in the UK - RAIL2015 on the 16th and 17th September 2015.


RAIL2015 brings you a different kind of exhibition. It sets out to celebrate the ingenuity of rail and offers the rail community a golden opportunity to explore common interests, aims and ambitions, 'connect' and help rekindle the pioneering spirit of rail. The exhibition will be a great forum to explore and discover new thinking, ideas, technologies and products and for also sharing and collaborating knowledge and wisdom.


Geotechnical Engineering Limited will be demonstrating the capability of our innovative and award winning P60 slope climbing rig.  Traditionally, any boreholes on slopes involved a delicate balance between cost and achievable depth, with the two options being either hand held windowless sampling or lifting at least one rig on to a scaffold platform. We knew that the hand held gave little or no valuable information and that the scaffold option was both expensive and labour intensive. This resulted in the R&D and subsequent manufacture of our P45 rig in 2006 and the P60 in 2007.



Our experienced team of lead drillers and support staff now have over 9 years of experience working with our slope climbing rigs, working safely on slopes in many sectors including rail in many different ground conditions throughout the UK.  With innovation being part of our Company ethos, we are continually improving our rig capability, and have recently taken delivery of our fourth generation P60D.


Attendance at the exhibition is free and tickets easy to obtain by simply visiting: http://www.rail15.com/tickets.php and fill out the online form.



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