Drilling Records Being Broken

by Chris Jones 10/08/2016 filed under Drilling


Congratulations are in order for the Geotechnical Engineering drill crews on site in Buckinghamshire at the moment for their impressive production of quality cores.


Using the Geobor S wireline technique in chalk, the project has seen several shifts of 30m+ and at least three of well over 40m in holes up to 80m deep.  Driller Brett Reeves yesterday drilled 47.6m.  That beats the previous coring record in a day by 30cm!


Our drilling department has been able to deliver this through its vast experience and detailed knowledge of the best drilling solutions for UK geology.


Our safety culture and sample quality are our number one priority closely followed by our productivity, efficiency and professionalism in our drilling operations. This is key to reducing site time, supervision requirements, welfare and overall impact of the project.

Innovative Water Storage for our Pioneer Rigs

by Chris Jones 22/02/2016 filed under Innovation


We never accept that something can't be improved. We don't advocate re-inventing the wheel, but at times, we know that there has to be a better way of doing something.


We make use of all the information that we can lay our hands on, feedback from clients, discussions with other contractors, suggestions from our staff and the deliberations of the research community.


Ultimately, we're looking for innovations that will give clients even better value for money, as well as improved safety, less disruption and a speedier service, without ever compromising the quality of information we provide.


We have been trialling the use of a new water tank system that will satisfy many of our innovation criteria.  This portable, self-assembly system will hold approximately 3000 litres of water next to our dual purpose Pioneer rigs.  The system is light and readily portable, reduces the number of vehicles movements required to fill our 1000 litre bowsers and so improving safety, and provides a more reliant water supply increasing productivity.


For more information on our other industry related innovations visit our innovation webpages.


Celebrating 25 years of Kevin Puckett!

by Chris Jones 07/08/2015 filed under General News


After being decorated for defending queen and country throughout the 80’s Kevin turned his attentions to the UK drilling industry. From our base here in Gloucester he became a driller operating, as we do now, across the UK and Channel Islands. His success as a driller saw him move over to drilling management where he was instrumental in the development of the multipurpose rigs that we call Pioneers and are common throughout our industry today.



During his many years of successful drilling management Kevin employed many of the inspirational and dynamic drilling professionals that we are proud to have with us in a variety of roles today.

Kevin’s enthusiasm to positively impact our operations inspired him to undertake health and safety qualifications.


As Geotechnical Engineering Ltd grew as a company Kevin stepped into the role of Health and Safety advisor, overseeing everything we do on site and at our Gloucester base.


Having completed 25 years with us, and now moving into his 26th year, Kevin is one of the industry’s most experienced people. He hasn’t quite seen it all yet and is look forward to what is to come.


He comments:


“It is amazing to think that I have been here for 25 years. It seems like just yesterday I was loading my drilling kit into a Landrover and heading over to Jersey to drill.


Looking back I can see that all the effort over the years has been worth it. We have evolved as a company and as an industry. We now not only have our operations to be proud of but also our safety culture too.


We never stop striving to improve how we operate here at Geotechnical and now is an exciting time.  A lot of progress made and there is a lot more to come.


Watch out for another update on my 50th anniversary!!”