Utility Clearance and Mapping

Whether it is a petrol station, an oil refinery, a city centre, an airport, a railway line, a cliff-edge or a prestige car plant, we can locate buried structures and services.

We can accurately identify and map underground apparatus and services in accordance with HSG47: Avoiding Danger From Underground Services, so you can be confident that your risk management plan is based on high quality, precision data.

We use up-to-date sub-surface scanning technologies. The RD8000 cable locator is used to locate and map buried metallic services, whilst Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a particularly cost-effective and fast method of getting real-time precision depth and position data about non-metallic services and underground storage tanks.

Whatever the size of your project, we will provide you with high quality plans, maps and data in one easy-to-interpret report. Whether you are looking for a plan view or cross-section, our AutoCAD reports give you all the information you will need to make decisions, without the need for digging trial pits.

















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