Project Management


Project management is the application of a methodical approach to processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to produce an end goal or product.  It is the planning, organising, motivating, controlling of resources, procedures and protocols.  It is usually constrained by the project scope, time, quality and budget.

So how can using Geotechnical Engineering contribute to the success of your project?  At Geotechnical Engineering Ltd our Project Managers, who we term, "Contract Managers", are highly trained Senior Engineering Geologists and Lead Drillers with many years’ experience both on site and in the office environment. They become involved in projects at an early stage and are competent in recognising the needs of the Client to deliver a successful project safely, technically, on time and to budget.  Their experience allows them to plan resources carefully, carry out risk analysis, communicate with all parties and generate confidence in the Client.

At Geotechnical Engineering your project will be managed by one contract manager who will act as your point of reference for all aspects.  They will make contact with you at the start of the project and be your single point of contact throughout ensuring the smooth running of your project. 

By using this model we have carried out many successful Ground Investigation contracts over the years. Recent projects have included Cinderford @£330K , M4 Newport @£1.2million and Felixstowe Rail @£170K.

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