Our geotechnical laboratory can provide testing for all of your soil and rock testing requirements including soil classification, aggregates, chemicals, suitability of soils for road construction and earthworks, and the strength testing of soils, rocks and concrete.  By using our UKAS accredited laboratory you can be assured of quality laboratory data.

For our full range of tests and testing methods please contact our Laboratory Manager on 01452 527743, email us at GEL Laboratory Testing or download our guide and current laboratory testing rates.

The laboratory testing facilities

In 2007 Geotechnical Engineering Ltd designed and built a bespoke laboratory testing facility to continue to provide our clients with high quality laboratory data.  Samples are delivered to the facility either via our own site investigation activities or from external laboratory clients usually through our in-house laboratory collection service.  To take advantage of our collection service simply contact our laboratory manager who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

How we can help?

Our friendly, experienced and professional team of laboratory managers and technicians are ready to deliver your quality data.  Do you need some advice?  Do you need weekly sample collections? Can we negotiate a frame-work contract? Do you need a rapid turnaround?  No problem, just contact one of our friendly team!

The process

At Geotechnical Engineering laboratory testing is managed in two ways.  For testing generated as part of a site investigation the process will be managed by your nominated Contract Manager and Senior Engineering Geologist.  For samples generated by your own site investigations your project will be managed by our laboratory customer relationship manager.  To start this process just call us on 01452 527743 or email us at GEL Laboratory Testing .  To facilitate efficient scheduling of laboratory testing a schedule can be downloaded along with a laboratory testing guide and current laboratory testing rates.

What next?

Once you have selected your chosen laboratory testing just return the schedule with your purchase order number and in accordance with agreed terms and conditions.  To make sure that we can complete your testing as efficiently as possible its always worth checking that everything has been completed correctly.  Just download our laboratory guide to assist or give us a call.

The results

External laboratory testing is managed through its life-cycle using KeyLAB2 Software, a complete laboratory management system which incorporates sample storage details, schedules, data processing and reporting all in one place.  Geotechnical Engineering has integrated our own existing spreadsheets and reporting templates into the KeyLAB2 system to quickly provide data in AGS3.1, AGS4 and other formats for rapid transfer between laboratory, client and designer.  By using the geotechnical laboratory testing facilities at Geotechnical Engineering you can have confidence in accurate, quality results on time and to budget.













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