Engineering Services

We employ over fifty professionally qualified staff, specialising in geotechnical engineering, ground investigation and geoenvironmental services.

The engineering team ranges in experience from recent graduates to chartered professionals with more than twenty years' experience.

Our site investigations are typically managed and supervised by our engineering team. From relatively small projects through to large scale site investigations, we routinely carry out fieldwork supervision, trial pitting, in situ testing, soil and rock logging, surveying and monitoring of instrumentation. Results from the fieldwork and laboratory testing can be incorporated into a factual GIR report.

Alternatively, if you need guidance and advice we also can undertake the design and planning of ground investigations, supplying Phase 1 desk study reports, Phase 2 Ground Investigation and Phase 3 remediation planning.  Human health risk assessments, ground water risk assessment, remediation strategies and verification reports can also be carried out.











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