Slopes & Sites with Difficult Access

At Geotechnical Engineering Limited we are constantly trying to improve. We believe in finding better, more economical ways to carry out ground investigations through innovation. We have a wide range of plant to carry out drilling operations in a variety of locations and we really can go where others can't or won't!

Traditionally, boreholes on slopes involved a delicate balance between cost and achievable depth, the two options being either hand held, windowless sampling or lifting at least one rig on to a scaffold platform. We knew that the hand held gave little or no valuable information and that the scaffold option was time-consuming, expensive, labour intensive and carried risks. In the firm belief that "there's always a better way", resources powered us to design and develop a "slope climbing rig", thus the P45 was born.

The P45 is modelled on a standard tracked, windowless sampling rig and is capable of drilling soils to around 12m (depending on ground conditions). It can take SPTs/CPTs and U samples as well as the added benefit of testing to DPH and DHSH(B) standards. Using casing of up to 128mm diameter, the rig can take dynamic samples of up to 98mm and install instrumentation up to 70mm OD.

The P45 was a resounding success but that left us wanting more.

To this end, the P60 was created.  Modelled on our extensive fleet of Pioneer rigs, the award winning P60 slope climbing rigs are dual purpose and can dynamically sample soils, as well as coring and open holing through rock. The result is one rig to carry out both techniques.

The P60 can take SPTs and CPTs as well as U and UT100 samples. With the Mule assistance vehicle alongside it can safely carry water, ancillary tooling and equipment to each hole, reducing the need for manual handling. The rig can case in P or H, can take core samples of 92 and 72mm diameter respectively and can install instrumentation of up to 100mm OD.

By using the P45 and P60 there is no longer a need for scaffolding, benching out, lifts, etc. as the rigs can track up, down or across the slope, operated entirely by radio remote control. The rig provides a cleaner, more effective drilling method with a smaller working footprint. It eliminates the need for employing a variety of different subcontractors (CP rig, rotary coring, scaffolders, HIAB) and has the capability to carry out in situ testing and retrieve high quality samples.

Our slope-climbing rigs are track- mounted with a low ground bearing. For particularly soft and undulating ground, it even has a set of extra-wide tracks, so it is cleaner and causes far less damage to the ground it is traversing. It is a much better alternative to laying miles of expensive matting or constructing temporary access roads, which would be needed if standard drilling rigs and ancillary kit were to be transported to the investigation site.

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