Geo-environmental Drilling

Our engineers and drill crews have extensive experience of working on geoenvironmental investigations and remediation projects nationwide. Our working practices meet the highest health and safety requirements whilst maintaining good productivity and high technical standards.

If you are looking to investigate potentially contaminated sites our Terrier and Pioneer rigs can provide a quality investigation using clean drilling techniques.  Continuous samples are recovered in liners and can be sampled and dispatched to a chosen chemical contamination laboratory by our field technician and engineers.  We can also support your project by providing a fully integrated service from welfare facilities, decontamination units, PPE, utility surveying, experienced site personnel, monitoring and factual reporting.

If you are looking to develop or purchase a brownfield site, or to evaluate a previously developed site, we can help. Within our engineering team we have dedicated and professional Geoenvironmental Engineers and scientists we can provide solutions to your brownfield and contaminated land problems. By undertaking a suitable geoenvironmental assessment, you can avoid potentially serious and expensive environmental liabilities later on. 

In addition to the in-house QEHS training which all our operatives receive, our crews undergo specific training including BESC, National Grid, HSG47, Streetworks, Petrol Forecourt Safety Pass Alliance and LPS training and SPA forecourt cards.

Our site portfolio includes petrol forecourts, refinery sites, nuclear installations and chemical facilities. From a single day, to complex investigations lasting several months, we can supply the services and equipment you need to complete your project.

Please contact us for more information on how our experience and capability can help you.












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