Wireline Drilling with Pioneer 3

Our multi-purpose Pioneer3 drilling rig was developed to be a versatile and powerful machine to carry out comprehensive ground investigations in many different ground conditions.

It is a relatively compact self-contained track mounted dynamic sampling and coring system, designed to retrieve high quality soil and rock samples for geotechnical and geo-environmental investigations.  

The Pioneer3 rigs are capable of drilling to a greater depth and diameter than the Pioneer2 along with being equipped to drill with wireline methods including Geobor S.  

The rig is mobilised to site safely and securely on a tachographed flat-bed vehicle owned and managed by Geotechnical Engineering Ltd.  The ancillary kit and materials are transported within the support vehicle and the operation is supported by an experienced and trained two man crew, often accompanied by one of our engineering geologists.

For safety the rig is operated by a diesel engine and fitted with both a Chalwyn valve and spark arrestor

For areas of hardstanding we can provide surface coring ability in both concrete and tarmacadam prior to carrying out service clearance in accordance with HSG47.

The Pioneer3 can access many areas of restricted access, and can be formed and sampled at any angle below horizontal if required.

Soft soils can be investigated using dynamic sampling to obtain continuous samples of up to 112 diameter retained in a semi-rigid plastic liner providing a continuous soil profile for ground modelling and sampling.  Soft ground Geobor S coring can be used to provide Eurocode Class 1 samples subject to ground type.  Discrete strata can be identified for contamination sampling purposes.

Rotary coring to depths in excess of 100m can be carried out with a range of methods and flushing media including continuous wireline in a maximum of Geobore S size to provide 102mm cores, all retained and sealed in a semi-rigid plastic liner. 

In-situ testing in the form of calibrated SPTs in general accordance with BS EN ISO 22476-3 can be carried out.  Undisturbed UT100, U100 and U70 samples can be taken in cohesive soils.

Borehole instrumentation can be installed including 19mm and 50mm standpipes and pneumatic, hydraulic or vibrating wire piezometers for groundwater or gas monitoring and inclinometer tubing to monitor slope movement.

The Pioneer3 is the ideal choice for deep boreholes in difficult and variable ground conditions to produce quality site data.  Our capability has recently been proven, producing high quality core recovery at exceptional production rates from sites as diverse as Scotland, East Anglia and the South-West of England.











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