Lightweight Terrier Dynamic Sampling Rig


Geotechnical Engineering Limited recognised the need to provide a rig to the rail industry that could comply with the safe working load (SWL) of 1 tonne for loading on to rail trolleys.  This rig, the Lightweight Terrier, is a track mounted dynamic sampling system, designed to retrieve quality soil samples for geotechnical and geoenvironmental investigations along with carrying out in situ testing and allowing for the installation of instrumentation.

The rig is mobilised to site safely and securely in a tachographed vehicle owned and managed by Geotechnical Engineering Ltd.  The ancillary kit is contained within the vehicle and the operation is supported by an experienced and trained two-man crew.

For safety the rig is operated by a diesel engine and fitted with both a Chalwyn valve and spark arrestor

For areas of hardstanding we can provide surface coring ability in both concrete and tarmacadam prior to carrying out service clearance in accordance with HSG47.

In soft soil ground conditions the Terrier can achieve up to 12m depth and is capable of casing down to 6m.  Dynamic samples up to 113mm diameter are retrieved in semi-rigid plastic liners providing a continuous soil profile for ground modelling and sampling.  Discrete strata can be identified for contamination sampling purposes.

In-situ testing in the form of calibrated SPTs in general accordance with BS EN ISO 22476-3 and DPSH and DPH can be carried out.  Undisturbed U70 samples can be taken in cohesive soils.

Borehole instrumentation can be installed including installation of 19mm and 50mm standpipes and Pneumatic, hydraulic or vibrating wire Piezometers for groundwater or gas monitoring and inclinometer tubing to monitor slope movement.

Geotechnical Engineering’s Terrier rigs have been used extensively throughout the rail and road networks in the UK.  The utility sector also relies on our reliability providing an accredited service and calibrated equipment to many sensitive sites including substations and nuclear. Whether your requirement is for a domestic subsidence project or a multi-million construction project we have the experience and capacity to provide your Client with quality data. 














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