Slope Climbing

Traditionally, if boreholes were required on slopes then a choice had to be made.  Boreholes could either be formed using hand held window sampling techniques or by a crane lifting a rig onto a purpose built scaffold platform or a benched out slope.  The hand held window samplers only reached limited depths giving limited poor quality information.  The boreholes on the scaffold platforms were expensive and it took a long time to build the platform. 

Geotechnical Engineering Ltd knew that there must be a better way to safely obtain quality site data, efficiently and safety, and so in 2007 designed and built the P45 slope climbing rig.  Following the success of the P45, GEL quickly designed and built the award winning P60 slope climbing rig, capable of investigations in both soils and rock. 

Our experienced NVQ qualified drillers can safely deliver a solution to providing quality data from slopes.  The P45 and P60 rigs can efficiently track to position on slopes up to 45 degrees using either rubber or metals tracks.  We can provide ground anchors for situations where extra reassurance on stability is required.  Our rigs safely access the slopes using remote access controls.  The platforms self-level, and the P60 is accompanied by a mule which provides a large working platform immediately next to the P60 providing a safe and secure working area for the drill operatives and engineer.

We can provide all of the technical requirements that you would expect of traditional drilling processes.  This includes insitu testing, including calibrated SPTs, undisturbed U100, UT100 and U70 sampling and instrumentation for monitoring ground water levels or slope movement.

Since 2007 we have been delivering a solution to provide quality data from slopes to the rail, road and utilities sectors and hold many of the industry specific qualifications and accreditations.











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