Innovation in Site Investigation

We never accept that something can't be improved. We don't advocate re-inventing the wheel, but at times, we know that there has to be a better way of doing something. It might be a better machine or perhaps an improved process, a new skill or a completely new system.

We make use of all the service quality information that we can lay our hands on: feedback from clients, discussions with other contractors, suggestions from our staff as well as keeping our eyes and ears open to the deliberations of the research community.

Ultimately, we're looking for innovations that will give clients even better value for money, as well as improved safety, less disruption and a speedier service, without ever compromising the quality of information or advice we give.

We use traditional rigs where we know they can deliver the best results, but we've designed a number of unique rig systems specifically to meet clients' requirements. Our Pioneer, P60, P45 and P45K rigs are some examples of our approach to research and development.














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