Our Approach

In the Civil Engineering sector of the construction industry the variability of ground conditions can be a major risk to health and safety as well as the financial implications of increased costs and extended delivery times. By undertaking a comprehensive site investigation using well trained, experienced and qualified professionals, quality geotechnical data can be obtained that will help mitigate these risks.

At Geotechnical Engineering Limited, our comprehensive investigation services carried out by our own highly trained and competent ground specialists can provide a robust approach to geotechnical risk management.

Our commercial managers have the expertise to provide advice on the most appropriate equipment and techniques for the ground conditions to ensure that quality data is provided to satisfy the most rigorous of standards.

Our technical site staff of drillers, technicians and engineers, are experienced in providing high field and laboratory data, along with engineering reports. 

For difficult sites including slopes and restricted access, we also have the expertise to provide innovative solutions to obtain quality data.

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